It looks like actor–producer–director Jordan Peele (“Get Out”) isn’t happy with Tiger Woods golfing with President Donald Trump on Friday:

Peele was responding to this Golf Digest tweet:

The “Sunken Place” is in reference to Peele’s 2017 hit film “Get Out” and in case you didn’t see the film, it’s not a compliment. From The Wrap:

What is the sunken place? Superficially, it’s a brainwashing technique. See, in “Get Out,” a young black man visits the family of his white girlfriend, experiencing an increasingly ominous series of microaggressions, until the reveal comes: He has been lured there to be kidnapped, sold into a form of slavery, and lobotomized so that his body can be hijacked by the white person who purchased him. Part of what makes it possible is a kind of hypnosis, which separates the consciousness of the victim from control of the body.

Earlier this year, Peele explained that the Sunken Place is a metaphor for all African-Americans:

As for the golf game, the press was kept away but a member of Trump’s Jupiter club shared pics online: