Apparently Rep. John Conyers learned (at least that’s his story) about the $27,000 settlement with a former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment from the media today:

More from the AP:

Longtime Michigan Rep. John Conyers has told The Associated Press that he hasn’t settled any sexual harassment complaints with any staff members.

Conyers, who answered the door at his Detroit home Tuesday morning, says he knows nothing about any claims of inappropriate touching and learned of the story just hours earlier.

Referring to allegations of sexual harassment and assault being made against politicians and others, the veteran lawmaker says he’s “been looking at these things with amazement.”

Paul McLeod, who wrote the piece for BuzzFeed, says his source told him that Conyers was aware of the settlement:

But there seems to be some confusion on who actually settled with the woman. Could Conyers’ office have settled and not told him about it?

As for Conyers’ future in the House, Dems are either silent or playing a variation of the “if true” card:

How courageous of them.



‘This f*cking guy’! John Conyers changes his story AGAIN (but it looks like taxpayers still got SCREWED)