Oh, my…

It appears that the recent sexual assault allegation against George Takei has hit the “Star Trek” right in the wallet:

From Mic:

Cracks are beginning to appear in George Takei’s lucrative social media influencing platform as publishers distance themselves from the former Star Trek star and current social media influencer following allegations of sexual assault.

As of Tuesday, at least six publishers, including Mic, have ended paid promotion partnerships that once had their articles and videos shared on Takei’s social media platforms.

On Friday, model Scott Brunton said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that in 1981, Takei groped him while he was unconscious. Takei, now 80, has denied the assault ever occurred, saying the allegations were “personally painful.” After an old recording of Takei joking with Howard Stern about grabbing men to “persuade” them into sex surfaced, Takei apologized for the remarks on Facebook, saying he shouldn’t have joked about such a serious matter.

As of Tuesday, Slate, Upworthy, GOOD, Futurism, Refinery29 and Mic have made arrangements to no longer have their articles and videos shared on Takei’s Facebook page, the companies confirmed.

We have questions. Were these sites really paying Takei so much money?


Details, please:

And does Takei care about this?

Anyway, it looks like this “sweet gig” is over:



As they say, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.