Billionaire Richard Branson has a new buddy, Fidel Castro’s grandson, Fidel Antonio:


And Branson’s blog post on the meeting is even worse:

While in town, I was fortunate to meet Fidel Antonio Castro Smirnov, who happens to be Fidel Castro’s grandson. In the back of a 1960s Russian Chaika, we got chatting about our shared love of adventure and the ocean, amongst other things. Then talk turned to the various medical breakthroughs that have been developed in Cuba, and how these could be incredibly useful to the wider world too.

Branson, naturally, bashed Donald Trump as well:

Sadly, the current US administration are looking to roll back many of the advancements made during the Obama years. There is talk of limiting travel and blocking various institutions within Cuba. Regulations banning the import and commercialisation of various scientific innovations could expand further. But Fidel Antonio, Fidel Angel and many others are still striving to stimulate scientific cooperation between the countries.

Oddly, Branson missed a few things in his chat with the younger Fidel. Cuban-American A.J. Delgado tweets:

Over to you, Sir Richard.