Judge Roy Moore was interviewed by Sean Hannity for his radio show on Friday afternoon and let’s just say it didn’t go well for the Republican Senate candidate facing allegations of sexual misconduct from 4 teenagers in Alabama:


Even those critical of Hannity thought he did a good job and was tough on Moore:

Some excerpts…

Not a denial:

And this is creepy:

Moore was all over the place and answered the same questions differently minutes apart:

It sounded like Moore admitted to some of the allegations in the story, but “walked a fine line” on the charges that could be criminal:

But this isn’t a court of law, it’s politics. Moore didn’t do himself any favors:

Moore ended the interview saying he’s “sure” another article will come out before election day and said he has evidence of “collusion”:

We have no idea what sort of evidence the Moore campaign has on collusion, if any, but Moore’s wife, Kayla, did share a post on Facebook alleging that a Washington Post reporter was offering money for dirt on the candidate:

If that’s the only evidence, it won’t go far. The Twitter user behind the story has, shall we say, credibility issues:

Full audio available here: