Here are but a few of the terrifying, but funny, modifications Twitter users have added to USA Today’s AR-15 explainer that included a “chainsaw bayonet.” Which one is your favorite?

The Hollywood special:

This design is very popular in Arkansas:

Now this one makes sense:

Too real:

It might work?

George Takei no doubt thinks this is real:

“Yeah, baby!”

Spielberg approved:

Concealed Cat Licence in action:


This would work on liberals:

And don’t forget that the chainsaw bayonet also fits your pistol:

From Switzerland?

Everyone needs the Kaiju attachment:

Who needs a silencer when you have stealth tech?


Now this makes sense:

The best optics money can buy:

This would scare Bill de Blasio, that’s for sure:

This is our future anyway:

Journalist attachment:

And finally, the one attachment nobody ever wanted: