Donna Brazile just can’t seem to keep her story straight. Here she is on today’s “The View” claiming that she never used the word “rigged” in her book on the 2016 election:

This is, shall we say, not true:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza called her out on the revisionist history, but it hasn’t stopped her:

In the first paragraph of that excerpt, Brazile says she can’t find any evidence that the “DNC was rigging the system” until she unearths the fundraising agreement. In the second paragraph, she calls the fundraising deal “unethical” and adds: “It compromised the party’s integrity.” She adds that, as a result, the primary wasn’t a fair fight.

Which is the exact opposite — to the word! — of what Brazile told O’Donnell Tuesday morning.

Of course, none of the ladies on “The View” called out Brazile for lying, which makes them look pretty bad, especially since they know it’s not true. This is from last week:

More of Brazile’s interview here: