The minimum wage in Seattle–Tacoma, Washington is $15.34 per hour, which is running smack dab into the future. Check it out:

Who could’ve predicted this?

Now, some are arguing that the kiosks have nothing to do with the high wages in the Seattle area:

But that’s not quite the entire story. Rolling out kiosks to all of the small-business franchise owners is an expensive proposition, one that was accelerated and made economically viable by progressive policies:

An excerpt:

This presents an interesting conundrum for a Progressive coalition that relies in part upon the very poor. To the degree to which large-scale Progressive reforms like Obamacare and the recently popular $15 minimum wage raises the cost of doing business, the move to automate will only accelerate, hurting most those lower-skilled, generally poorer constituencies, which happen to be politically Progressive. This “creative destruction” will be an unwelcome development to many manual laborers, a betrayal to the Progressive political class.

And we’ll end it with this: