ICYMI, actress Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”) has been fighting back against rumors that she’s undergone extensive plastic surgery over the past few years. For those that don’t know, Sarah has had major health issues, which included a kidney transplant. She’s been quite open about how the treatment has altered her appearance, but apparently, Life and Style magazine missed all this when they asked plastic surgeons to opine on what she’s had done:

Sarah ripped the mag over the article, saying this is why “young girls feel the need to alter their face”:

Although the mag took out the commentary from the plastic surgeons, the article stayed up:

Which brings us to Sarah’s mom, who responded to this now deleted tweet which said, “@Sarah_Hyland girl, I love you. But you didn’t even get some new boobies? I’m not complaining, either way…” The tweet included two pictures of Sarah, one of which she was a tad bustier than the other: