Journalist Yashar Ali, who has been doing great work reporting on sexual harassment and assault allegations in Hollywood, received the letter below from the lawyer of a target of his next piece threatening to sue him if he published the story.

“Should you choose to publish a story about our client which contains such false and defamatory statements alleged in your email [REDACTED] our client will pursue any and all legal and/or equitable remedies that may be available to him including against any of the publications that publish it,” writes the lawyer whom Ali didn’t identify:

But even better, this lawyer seems to have accidentally admitted his client was guilty:


Not only that, but this lawyer ended his letter by saying it’s been copyrighted and that it’s a violation if Ali published it:

Yeah, that didn’t work:

But, wait — there’s more! This lawyer also may have accidentally waived attorney-client privilege:

@Popehat explains: