One of the things you’re going to read today about the bombshell Washington Post scoop on how team Hillary and the DNC funded the research into the now infamous Trump dossier is that it was originally funded by a rival GOP campaign. For example:

However, here’s Byron York with a must-read 10-tweet thread explaining what’s really going on.

Dems will try to say this is “old news”:

And that the dossier was originally funded by a rival GOP campaign:

But that’s not exactly how it went down. The original oppo research had nothing to do with Russia:

It was about Trump’s business interests:

And it never even got used:

It was after this that Dems stepped in to fund the oppo research and the focus shifted to Russia:

It was an “all-Dem operation”:

And we owe Rep. Devin Nunes for helping unearth this info:

Now it’s time for the FBI to explain why they offered to fund Steele’s research in October 2016:

Byron writes:

But the importance of the Democrats’ involvement in the dossier is that it could be one step on the road to a bigger story. What did the FBI do with the dossier material? Did judges make surveillance decisions in the Trump-Russia investigation based in whole or in part on the dossier? To what degree is the “salacious and unverified” dossier the source of what we think we know about allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign?

Ding. Ding. Ding.




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