Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos surfaced yesterday in Los Angeles for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres:

Also in attendance was maintenance worker Stephen Schuck:

Campos disappeared shortly before he was supposed to give media interviews last week, sparking numerous conspiracy theories regarding his mysterious disappearance:

Clips of the interview were given to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Mandalay Bay security guard set to appear on ‘Ellen’ after avoiding media — VIDEO

An excerpt:

In clips of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” supplied to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Campos reviewed the events of the shooting, recounting how he was alerted to check on a door that was ajar. He said he was on the stairwell going from the 31st to the 32nd floor and came upon a door that was blocked and wouldn’t open. So he rerouted through a hallway and called security dispatch to get an engineer to check on the blocked door. The worker summoned would be Schuck.

Campos said he then heard drilling sounds and believed the slamming of the heavy door he passed through to get to the 32nd floor alerted Paddock to his presence. Paddock shot through the door and hit Campos in the leg.

And even though Campos was missing from TV, Las Vegas police said Campos is “fully cooperating with the investigation”:

The question of Campos’ location first arose Thursday, when Campos failed to show up to five television interviews scheduled by the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America.

His neighbors haven’t seen him in a few days. No “Jesus Campos” is registered as a guest at any MGM properties on the Strip.

And while calls to his listed telephone numbers continue to go unanswered, Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Larry Hadfield said Campos is “fully cooperating with the investigation.”

The interview with air in full on Wednesday.