On last night’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” journalist Gabriel Sherman told of a conversation he had with a “prominent Republican” who said that “they imagine” different scenarios of what Chief of Staff John Kelly and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis might do if Trump decided to use nukes on another country.

Focus on “imagine,” as in they’re making it up.

Here’s the exact quote from Sherman:

“I just want to, you know,  put into context a conversation I had with a very prominent Republican today, who literally was saying that they imagine Gen. Kelly and Secretary Mattis have had conversations that if Trump lunged for the nuclear football, what would they do? Would they tackle him? I mean literally, physically restrain him from putting the country at sort of perilous risk.”

Now, here’s how that’s being spun: “GOP source says Kelly and Mattis discuss what to do if Trump lunges for the nuclear football.”

No. No. No. This GOP sources is imagining that this conversation is taking place, not that the source has evidence that it has taken place.

But, too late. The misquote is out there. Here’s Keith Olbermann, for example:

And here’s former Hillary spox Jesse Ferguson:

Even the “All In With Chris Hayes” Twitter account is at fault:

It is a “giant” difference and it’s time for Sherman and Hayes to correct the record: