Case. Closed.

If you thought the MSM wasn’t covering the ongoing disaster in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria as much as the devastation in Texas and Florida from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma respectively, you were right. From

An excerpt:

While Puerto Rico suffers after Hurricane Maria, much of the U.S. media (FiveThirtyEight not excepted) has been occupied with other things: a health care bill that failed to pass, a primary election in Alabama, and a spatbetween the president and sports players, just to name a few. Last Sunday alone, after President Trump’s tweetsabout the NFL, the phrase “national anthem” was said in more sentences on TV news than “Puerto Rico” and “Hurricane Maria” combined.

Those other stories are worth covering, of course. But compared to the other natural disasters of the past few weeks, Hurricane Maria has been relatively ignored. Data from Media Cloud, a database that collects news published on the internet every day, shows that the devastation in Puerto Rico is getting comparatively little attention.1

And check out these graphs. The differences occurred on both TV:

And online:

And it’s not really getting any better. Last night we noticed that both CNN and MSNBC went with Trump stories over coverage of the humanitarian crisis at the top of the 8 p.m. hour:

Read the whole report here.

Now, as we’ve reported previously, liberals attempted to paint Trump as a racist because of the federal government’s response…

…which leads perfectly to this tweet from Instapudit:

Their rules.