It appears the #TakeAKnee protests from this weekend’s NFL games have spread to Hollywood.

Here’s Gillian Anderson with her “X-Files” castmate David Duchovny:

Duchovny posted the same photo:

We particularly like that the sci-fi duo made sure “X-Files” was visible on the chair behind them as well as tagging the tweets the “#TheXFiles” hashtag. The show was renewed for another season and filming is currently underway in Canada. That’s right, they’re protesting America while on foreign soil:

Anderson and Duchovny appear to be on the set of “The X-Files,” which is returning with an 11th season consisting of 10 new episodes expected to air later this year or in 2018. Filming began in Vancouver, British Columbia, in August, according to the Vancouver Sun.

How about we take a knee until the show films in America, eh?

And we’re starting to see others in Hollywood get in on the action. Here’s the cast the new series “Star Trek: Discovery”:

Legendary actor Ed Asner tweeted his support as well:

Reminder: This has happened before.