FEMA Director Brock Long is heading to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on Monday to survey the damage from monster storm Maria:

And when he gets there, this is what he’ll be greeted with at the airport:

Just getting to the airport is treacherous:

Hillary Clinton tweeted that President Trump should “send the Navy”:

Communication with the island is still down as well, leaving family members in the U.S. to ask media members on the ground for help:

Most of the island is still without power and dealing with floodwaters that have yet to recede:

Food is scarce, as evidenced by this mile-long line for supplies:

Help is already arriving in Puerto Rico, but the scale of the devastation is something that really hasn’t set in yet, at least in the U.S.:

But much, much more will be needed:

Prediction: By Tuesday this will be the talking point of every Democrat: