Big news last night in D.C. when after a meeting with President Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi announced that there would be no wall in exchange for DACA protections:

Here’s their joint statement:

Oh boy, to put it mildly. Sean Hannity:


Rep. Steve King of Iowa:

But not so fast. The White House pushed back:

This sounds like classic Trump where both sides heard what they wanted to hear and the proverbial devil is in the details. Here’s Schumer’s spokesman:

President Trump himself weighed in this morning. Of note, “massive border security” is not a wall that Mexico will pay for:

And he’s trying to say the wall he promised in the campaign is already under construction:

Promise kept?

Or not:

Later Trump added his support for DACA:

Well, we remember at least one person who used to think this:

It sure sounds like a deal was made.

Lastly, here’s Jonathan Swan of Axios on the president’s thinking:

To be continued.