We already told you about Jim Mcingvale, known in Houston as “Mattress Mack,” and how he opened his two furniture stores to those who evacuated from Hurricane Harvey.

Well, he has a new project that matches volunteers with those in need to help with basic home repairs:

This links to a sign-up page on his company’s website that is collecting the names of those with damaged homes along with the names of people with skills willing to volunteer:

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it’s time to rebuild Texas! Jim “Mattress Mack” Mcingvale has established Rebuild-TX, a grassroots effort that offers assistance to Texans whose homes have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Rebuild-TX provides volunteers who will assist affected Texans in rebuilding their homes by helping to move out any damaged furniture, remove damaged carpeting and material underneath, damaged wood flooring or damaged tile, and cutting out and removing damaged sheetrock.

Rebuild-TX will offer these particular services to as many people in the Houston TX, Richmond TX, and surrounding areas who need help to restore their homes. All funds donated to Rebuild-TX will go directly to these efforts, and we thank you for your contributions and support.

Please submit your First Name, Last Name, Address including street address, city, zip code, phone # and email address, then check the boxes of the specific services being offered that you need, limited to:

-Helping to move out any damaged household belongings

-Helping to remove damaged carpeting and material underneath

-Helping to remove damaged wood flooring or damaged tile

-Helping to cut out and removing damaged sheetrock

This guy is the best!

Earlier in the week, an evacuee told Mattress Mack that it was her 84th birthday and that she had lost everything in the flood, so he gave her a mattress as a birthday present:

Others businesses from around town have been chipping in to help Mattress Mack keep his evacuees fed and comfortable at his two showrooms:

The stores are also serving as a drop-off point for donations and supplies:

Houston strong, indeed.