Actress Jessica Chastain apologized in a teary video after she dared share an article from TIME magazine on “alt-left” violence, because libs cannot tolerate any on their side actually speaking the truth about said alt-left violence.


“I’m making a video because my heart is very heavy. I’ve learned so much the past few days about the trauma many people are experiencing in our country. I’ve had the opportunity to listen, more than to speak. And [dramatic pause] really hard for me to express my feelings, my thoughts, in 140 characters on Twitter so here’s my first video. I wanted you guys to know that I hear you. I want you to know that I’m committed to creating transformative social change. That I’m committed to dismantling systems of depression. I share in the sadness of what is happening in the country. I hear you and you may never have met me, but I love you.”


This appears to be the tweet that caused the backlash which then caused all the tears:

Big mistake, Jessica! To liberals, there are never “both sides”!

Yeah, this is a totally normal reaction to political speech you hate.