Remember the guy protesting Donald Trump in Phoenix who take a police gas canister to his groin? ICYMI, here’s the video again:

Well, he’s been arrested:

To be honest, maybe cops should give him a pass because it is the best video we’ve seen this year.

From CBS 5:

Police go on to say in the documents that he later picked up a second smoking canister and threw that one at police as well, hence the three charges of aggravated assault.

And it will be really hard for this genius to say he didn’t pick up a gas grenade as he had to go to the hospital for treatment from the said grenade:

The sales and support representative at Go Daddy spent Tuesday night in the emergency room. He said he got treatment for inhaling pepper spray and for second-degree burns on his right hand from picking up a hot can of tear gas.

Oh, and he’s admitted the crime online, too:

“He has posted images and admissions to his crime on social and local media outlets,” wrote Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard in an email announcing the arrest.



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