Oh, man … get the popcorn. Joss Whedon’s ex-wife, Kai Cole, just unleashed the mother of all bombs in an article in The Wrap chronicling Whedon’s infidelity and challenging his self-proclaimed feminist credentials:

In summary, she accused Whedon of pretending to be a feminist so he could bed other women while lying about it to Cole:

Twitchy favorite Adam Baldwin, who worked with Whedon on “Firefly,” presumably subtweeted Whedon with the hashtag “#FakeFeminism”:

But why is this shocking?

Isn’t this how every liberal in Hollywood acts?

And get ready for the Whedon fans to come out of the woodwork:

There were warning signs:

So, what about “Batgirl”? Does Whedon stay on as director?

No response yet from Whedon:

As for Whedon’s feminism, these past tweets deserve a second look in retrospect:

His response: I honestly don’t have those people in my life.  not for very long, anyway.

And here he is mansplaining feminism to women:

And this is funny as it’s Whedon who is most like Bill Clinton:

And finally, here’s the hypocrite hitting Trump for the president’s treatment of women:

Whatever, hypocrite. Seek. Help.