A bunch of blue-checkmarked journalists are busy deleting tweets right now after wrongly accusing NRA spox Dana Loesch of saying she and the NRA were going to “fist” the New York Times over the paper’s horrible coverage of guns in the past. As you can hear for yourself, Dana clearly says “fisk” in the ad which makes sense. Fist is moronic.

Here’s Adam Goldman for the NYT, for example, who just deleted his tweet:

And here’s Nick Confessore from the Times:

Dana’s response:

Reporter Yashar Ali, who fought with Dana on Twitter over “fist” vs “fisk,” finally decided it was Fisk when he found a version with closed captions:

A little late, however:

See what they’ve done? Dana is now on the receiving end of a lot of awful comments:

Goldstein went on to blame the hashtag #ClosedFistofTruth:

As have others:

Oh, please. It was clearly “fisk”:

The ad itself was about fake news and all of these verified twerps just proved Dana’s point:

Especially with comments like this:

And this:

But Dana can’t win: