Just do give you an update, as of the writing of this post J.K. Rowling has yet to correct her now debunked tweets accusing President Donald Trump of avoiding a little boy in a wheelchair at the White House. Here’s the lead tweet which is still up even though the tweet with the deceptively edited video she as quote-tweeting has been deleted:

Anyway, a number of verified users like actor Don Cheadle have shared J.K. Rowling’s lie which mean the longer she keeps up her tweet, the more it spreads:

And on and on and on.

On a positive note, Chelsea Clinton has at least acknowledge the Rowling tweet was a lie with this retweet of a Piers Morgan tweet that included an alleged Facebook post from the boy’s mother that says the little boy wasn’t even trying to shake the president’s hand in the edited clip. According to the post, the kid was trying to show the president the Secret Service patch he received as a souvenir: