This might be shocking to hear, but it appears Chelsea Manning has no freaking clue what she’s talking about:

Yes, because this is who we should listen to on civic responsibility:

Let’s unpack this, shall we? First up, tell us more about who pays the most taxes in America:

Yes, it is:

And how about feelings on if taxation is theft?

Later on, Manning decided that the wealthy do pay taxes after all and need to pay more:

She doesn’t see it, does she:

Many others commented on taxpayers paying for Manning’s transition. Her response:

Um, OK? Send the check. As for what the government will spend this new tax revenue on, it’s a doozie:

But back to her first tweet, how do you “make” rich people pay taxes without the police? Maybe this is how … Manning is also worried about robots:

A future of automated tax-collection robots and emojis, apparently: