Someone with access to President Donald Trump’s @realDonaldTrump Twitter account has been blocking users who make annoying comments, which has libs up in arms with claims that the president is somehow violating the 1st Amendment of these Twitter trolls.

Here’s law professor Laurence Tribe, for example:

But we’re not sure if Tribe knows how Twitter works when he made this claim. A block on Twitter just prevents a user from seeing President Trump’s tweets when they are logged into Twitter. By simply logging out and going to Trump’s account, every single tweet is visible. Here’s a screenshot of what someone who’s not signed up for Twitter will see:


So, professor, where exactly is the 1st Amendment violation here if even users Twitter has banned for life can still access whatever Trump or any politician tweets whenever they want?

Update. We just saw this in our feed:

Over to you, professor. Where’s your outrage a Democrat Keith Ellison?


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