This is a quite a remarkable interview and it should make everyone question if London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the right person to lead London in these times. The part where Khan has “NO ANSWER” on the whereabouts of the 400 or so jihadists who have actually fought in Syria but were allowed to return to the UK without any restriction comes at the 2:50 mark:

We don’t often say this, but good for Piers Morgan:

Of note, in that video Mayor Kahn did call out Theresa May for cuts to police force while she was Home Secretary, which Piers Morgan has done as well:

Well, maybe if the police weren’t so busy policing speech they’d have more time to track the terrorists?

And they’re at it in force in the wake of the London Bridge attack:

So mean tweets get investigated while errorists starring in documentaries and telling authorities what they plan to do get a pass?