It’s not often, but sometimes after you click a link you’re rewarded with something even crazier than the headline. This is one of those times:

From the article:

One Philadelphia teenager’s mom took his prom to the extreme, spending $25,000 on a camel, three tons of sand and exotic cars. He brought three dates, all in custom-made gowns, and wore three different outfits himself.

Saudia Shuler says she had thought of sending her only son, Johnny Eden Jr., to Dubai for a visit. Instead, she decided to bring Dubai to Philadelphia for the formal dance.

She brought the sand and the camel into their neighborhood for photos. Luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini, were on loan for the evening.

And there are pics and video of everything, all via the Instagram page for the mom’s business, local Philly restaurant Country Cookin.

Here are the three dates:

One of the luxury cars:

My son so thurl . You the shit son @jjedenjr . All I asked for was straight AAAAAAA all Ur life and u sis that . ????

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A Quran cake:

My cakes was amaZing @_sweetaffection . You never disappoint me.????? thank u

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And the camel:

The real deal for my son @jjedenjr . All the fake ones that tried to stop my show? it shines brighter . ???????

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Prayer mats, too:

I said I was bringing Dubai the fuck to North Philly. ????? SonSon @jjedenjr you deserve it

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The culture appropriation police will go nuts over this one.