What’s so terrifying? This, at least according to Chelsea Clinton:

But guess what — that headline is wrong as both NOAA and the National Hurricane Center have “leaders.” Leaders, mind you, that were perfectly capable during the Obama administration.

Ed Rappaport leads NOAA, via CNN:

A NOAA spokesman told CNN the National Hurricane Center’s acting director, Ed Rappaport, is an experienced leader with 30 years at the center.

And Robert J. Fenton, acting director of FEMA, joined headquarters in 2009 after many years at the agency:

Previously, Mr. Fenton served as the Deputy Associate Administrator in the Office of Response and Recovery at FEMA Headquarters and was responsible for coordinating the Federal response in support of States during major disasters. He coordinated and integrated Federal interagency all-hazards disaster planning and response operations; managed emergency response teams; and oversaw disaster emergency communications programs.

Mr. Fenton came to FEMA Headquarters in July 2009 to serve as the Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Response, where he was instrumental in crafting the reorganization of the Response Directorate and the Office of Response and Recovery, as well as leading the Response Directorate’s focused efforts on whole community catastrophic planning, doctrine development, staff training/credentialing, and exercises. Mr. Fenton previously worked at FEMA Headquarters as the Acting Deputy Operations Branch Chief in 2007, leading the development and implementation of the Incident Management Assistance Teams.

If anything, NOAA and the NHC are probably in better hands with career people at the helm rather than political appointees.

But rather than admit that NOAA and NHC are in capable hand, cue the freak-out:

Take a chill-pill, everyone. We’re in good hands.