RedState founder and Twitchy friend Erick Erickson unleashed a 16-tweet tweetstorm at President Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP over this week’s West Wing drama.

Erickson starts of explaining that his opposition to Trump was fear that if he won (which he did, obvisioulsy), he’d do long term damage to the country and conservatism:

A fear which he now says is “coming true”:

So much so that even Clinton’s ability to stock the courts with liberal justices “will pale in comparison” to Trump damage to the GOP:

Erickson then predicted Trump’s slim margin in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania won’t help the GOP in 2018 and those voters won’t be there for Trump in 2020:

Historically, if the GOP does get blown out in 2018 and 2020, the road to recovery is a long one:

Erickson ended with a plea to put country ahead of party:

What do you think?