While we were sleeping, The Huffington Post changed its name to The Huff Post, complete with this awesome new logo:


According to the company behind the design, Work-Order, it’s called “The Slash ‘H’ Icon”:


So, what does the Slash H look like to you? Here are some suggestions…

“Ass crack”:

Um, we see it:

Or it’s the Vermont/NH border:

Maybe they hired this guy to design it, because that worked out so well in the past:

Or maybe they stole it!

Here’s the reasoning behind the “slash”:

We think our new logo does just that. We fell in love with the new typeface (National, for all you font nerds) because it’s strong and a little quirky. The bold italic carries the eye forward, in the same way our brand has grown and evolved over the last 12 years. The shapes are the evolution of an early concept our collaborators at the creative strategy firm Work-Order presented us, which featured a forward slash to either side of the name. We loved it because, again, they point us forward, but are also reminiscent of the slashes in URLs.

We landed on this final version because we love what happens when the two shapes join together as the new icon for our apps and social channels. The mark itself forms a road, a slash, an abstract H ― everyone sees something different, and we embrace all the possibilities. We’ve also updated our signature green, the color audiences associate with HuffPost, and brightened it for this new era.

Here’s the new logo in action via Work-Order’s website promoting its design: