One of the unfortunate aspects of the Susan Rice–unmasking story — at least as far as it relates to the MSM — is that alt-right personality Mike Cernovich was the first journalist to break the story, which Donald Trump Jr. so aptly pointed out this morning:

Cernovich posted the scoop on Sunday, while it was Bloomberg’s Eli Lake who was the first MSM reporter to write about it on Monday:

Axios’ Jonathan Swan writes that Cernovich’s scoop changes the “news flow” and that it’s a “massive deal” for journalism:

Swan also predicted major scoops from the likes of Gateway Pundit as well:

Praise for Cernovich from the president’s eldest son followed this from Kellyanne Conway:

Maybe this won’t be so weird going forward?

Although based on Cernovich’s past, this might not have been the best tweet: