Do you remember the name Neal Katyal? He served as acting solicitor general during the Obama administration and was one of the people chosen to introduce Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing:

Anyway, Katyal was also hired by the state of Hawaii to argue against President Trump’s most recent immigration executive order — which he just won, preventing the Trump administration from implementing the new rules:

And the judge cited all of Trump’s past rhetoric in his decision:

Trump hasn’t tweeted yet about the decision, but it should be interesting when he does given Katyal’s strong endorsement of Gorsuch.

Katyal explained his reasoning for crossing party lines to support Gorsuch in an interview with the National Law Journal. An excerpt:

“I introduced Judge Gorsuch because he is, in my judgment, an outstanding judge,” Katyal said in an email to The National Law Journal on Tuesday. “Just plain merit. And because I wanted people to say what they believe. If you are someone so outraged by what has happened to Merrick Garland that you can’t vote for anyone, say that. What I think is inappropriate is to attempt to destroy and caricature an honorable man and judge up in the process. And that’s why I said what I said.”

Katyal shrugged off the hostile reaction to his Gorsuch endorsement. “I’ve had all sorts of hate mails and angry conversations before!” Katyal said. “I think the real issue is what it underscores about the confirmation process. Many of my friends, including the most talented people in my generation, are refusing to put themselves through what has become a completely broken confirmation process.”