Rumors are swirling around Capitol Hill regarding a potential deal that would for the swift confirmation of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. In summary, Dems would agree not to filibuster Gorsuch in exchange for a GOP promise to keep the filibuster in place for the next opening. From Politico:

The deal Democrats would be most likely to pursue, the sources said, would be to allow confirmation of Gorsuch in exchange for a commitment from Republicans not to kill the filibuster for a subsequent vacancy during President Donald Trump’s term. The next high court opening could alter the balance of the court, and some Democrats privately argue that fight will be far more consequential than the current one.

Former Clinton campaign spox Brian Fallon is not happy with it:

Fallon went on to predict fallout for the DSCC in terms of being able to raise money for candidates for the Senate if the deal goes through: is equally as pissed:

As is the president of NARAL:

Fallon, responding to MoveOn, went on to slam Senate Dems with this prediction of their next deal with Trump:

It’s funny that one of the people most responsible for Gorsuch’s nomination — Hillary’s horrible, no good campaign team — is not bitching at Dems who have to deal with the aftermath.


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