Twitchy readers might remember Keegan Stephan. Back in December, we did a post on a tweet of his accusing “4 or 5” Trump supporters of attacking “about 20” Black Lives Matter protesters after an event in New York City.

Back then, we — and many others —  asked for more information about the attack questioned why there was no police report filed:

Anyway, Stephan popped up this morning in our timeline with this sad news to report:

Stephan might not get his bike back, but he thinks the thief will occupy a “special place in hell” in the afterlife:

Coincidentally, Stephan — who is need of the NYPD right about now — just yesterday went on a rant against the NYPD for the way they’re policing cyclists in the city:

On the bright side, maybe the guy who stole his bike will ride it aggressively and the cops will make an arrest?



CLAIM: ‘4 or 5’ Trump supporters allegedly attacked ‘about 20’ Black Lives Matter protesters