As we told you earlier, the MSM and liberals are in a tizzy over a report out of New Mexico where ICE agents arrested  an illegal immigrant at a courthouse as she was filing a domestic abuse report against an allegedly abusive boyfriend.

And as we reported, this illegal immigrant had been deported 7 times and is a convicted criminal, but they’re leaving that part out of their anti-Trump narrative. From CBS News:

KDBC obtained documents filed in federal court stating that Homeland Security Investigators (HIS)  Border Enforcement Security Taskforce (BEST) Agents received information that an individual who had been previously deported was in the United States. The information stated that the individual was residing at the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence. IT also stated that the individual had previously been arrested for possession of stolen mail and illegal re-entry into the United States and sentenced to 12 months and a day.

It also stated HIS BEST Agents conducted surveillance at the county courthouse in attempts to see the individual.

According to the affidavit filed by federal agents, the individual has been removed from the United States six times and voluntarily returned to Mexico one other time.

We can add Chelsea Clinton to the list of folks who never bothered reading past the headline, it seems:

Whatever, Chelsea. Did you ever grab a thesaurus to find new words to call your father’s tough talk on illegal immigrants?

Or her mom’s call to secure the border?

We know the answer to that.