The Washington Post ran an op-ed on February 7 by a longtime employee of Hardee’s named JoAnn Wise. In the op-ed, Ms. Wise argued that Andrew Puzder, CEO of the restaurant chain and Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Labor Department, is unfit for the job for a variety of reasons that you can see for yourself here.

Anyway, questions have been raised about the op-ed after the Washington Free Beacon noticed that Ms. Wise had apparently spelled her son’s name incorrectly in the scathing attack on Puzder.

In the op-ed, she spells it as “Terrence” with an “e.” But as the Free Beacon discovered, it’s looks to be spelled as “Terrance” with an “a”

And that’s not all.

Ms. Wise also argued in the op-ed that her manager at Hardee’s made her work during Hurricane Katrina. Here’s the screenshot:


Except Hurricane Katrina never came near South Carolina, where Ms. Wise reports she lives in the op-ed. Here’s the track of the devastating storm:


Wikipedia lists the damage by state, and there’s nothing listed for S.C. N.C. in on the lists of states affected, but it’s only for this:

North Carolina avoided damage from the storm, but gas prices rose in response to interrupted supply lines. Local hospitals received some regional evacuees.

So, what else in her op-ed is either a careless error or flat-out wrong?