Wow. Just, wow.

As we told you earlier, Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen emphatically denied that he was ever in Prague as was alleged in that 35-page unsubstantiated memo on alleged ties between the president-elect and Russia. According to Cohen and backed up by sources, he was in Los Angeles with his son visiting the University of Southern California:

NARRATIVE BUSTED? Reports place Michael Cohen in L.A. at the time unsubstantiated memo had him in Prague

If that’s not bad enough, CNN has a report out this morning that a “Michael Cohen” did travel to Prague at the time stated in the report, but it wasn’t Trump’s Michael Cohen. The Prague Cohen had a passport for a different country,  but the same birth year as the Trump Cohen:

CNN’s Jake Tapper wants to make it clear that CNN’s report on the 2-page summary did not falsely accuse the Trump Cohen of being in Prague:

Heckuva job, BuzzFeed.


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