Earlier this month actor Tom Arnold made news when he said that he’d seen video from “The Apprentice” of Donald Trump allegedly using the “n-word” and “c-word” in never-aired clips of the show. According to Arnold, team Trump threatened him with a defamation suit over the allegations:

Well rather than go away, Arnold doubled-down in a tweetstorm in response to actor Michael Rappaport, hinting at much more to come:

Arnold then answered Rapaport’s “talking sideways” dig with a 14-tweet explanation of how he came to view the tape and what he thinks comes next (note Nos. 10 and 11 in the tweetstorm where Arnold alleges that he asked 7 powerful Hollywood people to get involved and they all refused):

Arnold later clarified that his “Watergate level journalists” referred to Trump-Russia ties, not “The Apprentice” tapes:

And according to Rapaport, Arnold made good on his promise to reveal all privately, with Rapaport saying “it’s not over” after he learned more details:


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