As we were told ad nauseam during the Obama administration, elections have consequences. And now that it’s President Trump, one of those consequences will the the unraveling of President Obama’s extreme climate alarmist agenda over at the Energy Department:

From Politico:

Donald Trump’s transition team wants the Energy Department to provide the names of any employees who have worked on President Barack Obama’s climate initiatives — a request that has current and former staffers fearing an oncoming “witch hunt.”

The president-elect’s team sought the information as part of a 74-point questionnaire that also asked for details about how DOE’s statistical arm, the Energy Information Administration, does the math on issues such as the cost-effectiveness of wind and solar power versus fossil fuels. POLITICO obtained the document Friday, after Trump’s advisers sent it to the department earlier in the week.

Democrats and lefty media outlets aren’t happy, to say the least.

HUD Director Julián Castro:

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett:

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo:

Judd Legum, Think Progress:


Based on the outrage from the left, it seems like President-elect Trump is on the right track.


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