What do you do with a custom-painted charter jet once the candidate whose message is emblazoned on the fuselage loses? Easy … you put it back into service as fast as you can and worry about repainting it later:

But it’s not only Dayton’s basketball team that’s using the “Stronger Together” jet. According to this report, Marquette University is using it, too:

This might be a good thing. Both Dayton and Marquette are undefeated this season: Dayton has wins over Austin Peay and Alabama, Marquette with wins over Vanderbilt and Howard.

And apparently the plane comes with hot sauce (which if a Republican had said this about a charter flight used by African-American athletes, it would be racist but since it’s Hillary’s former spox it’s no big deal):

What other-swing state universities want to get in on this luck, eh?

Don’t mess with winning streak, fellas. Keep the plane as is!


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