Get a load of this. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is “struggling” to explain to his two daughters and his wife just how Donald Trump was elected president:

Goodell went on to say that Trump’s past comments on women make the NFL’s attempt to stops its players from beating up on women more difficult, or something:

He’s really going to try to blame President-elect Trump for future NFL problems? Good luck with that:

And we wonder how exactly did Goodell explain to these same daughters and wife all of the drunk drivers, wife-beaters and child-beaters that the NFL continues to employ. That we want to know.

Anyway, if Goodell was truly afraid of Trump as president, then there’s no one else to blame but himself as if Trump had been allowed to purchase the Buffalo Bills, none of this would have happened:

And we’ll end it on this amusing anecdote. During the campaign, the then GOP nominee was asked if he would “fire Goodell” if elected president. The Donald nodded yes to the question with a smirk:

Your move, Donald. With the White House counsel let the president use his executive power to help make the NFL great again? We. Shall. See!


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