Now that Donald Trump has made it official and named Stephen Bannon as Chief Straegist and Senior Counselor in the White House, here are the top 10 best reactions we’ve seen from journalists and the loony-left on the man who will be advising the president.

No. 1: For David Axelrod, it’s “troubling”:

No. 2: Judd Legum from “Think Progress” call him “one of the most powerful people in America”:

No. 3: Ben Stiller is curious about Hanukkah (you’ll see that this is a recurring theme)

No. 4: Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe plays the Nazi-card with “solutions”:

No. 5: Igor Volsky from the Center for American Progress says he’s “repugnant”:

No. 6: Alan Colmes thinks he’s a “white nationalist”:

No. 7: Or he’s both says the Boston Globe’s Michael Cohen:

No. 8: The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery doesn’t like the Breitbart connection:

No. 9: Jeff Jarvis played the Nazi card, too:

And finally, No. 10: Actor Patton Oswalt keeps it simple: