What the hell is happening?

Apparently white girls have appropriated the necklaces from “black and brown girls,” or something. From Fusion:

Nameplates have always leapt off the chests of black and brown girls who wear them; they’re an unequivocal and proud proclamation of our individuality, as well as a salute to those who gave us our names. The necklaces are a response to gas-station bracelets and department-store mugs emblazoned with names like Katie and Becky. But most of all, they’re a flashy and pointed rejection of the banality of white affluence.


White girls and women have other stories, but they don’t have ours. It never feels like a homage to me when I see a white woman rocking a nameplate. Instead, it comes across as nothing more than an awkward replica—true “biters” of our shit.

This is a good question:

If Donald Trump does win in 6 days, Dems will have to take a long, hard look at their social justice warrior media industrial complex and admit to themselves that they’ve gone too far.

Update. The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi has a good take on it: