Earlier today, Sean Hannity and CNN’s Brian Stelter got into a Twitter feud after Stelter blasted the Fox News host for not pushing back on Donald Trump saying the 2016 election will be rigged:

Hannity fired back referencing a 2012 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer that found 59 of Philadelphia’s 1,687 election districts didn’t cast a single vote for Mitt Romney:

FWIW, this is old news. FactCheck.org looked at the claim in 2013 and found nothing wrong:

It’s not mathematically impossible. The 59 districts are in areas of the city that are mainly African American, as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. And Obama received 93 percent of the black vote nationwide.

In 2008, Obama received 100 percent of the vote in 57 districts in Philadelphia. So it was not that unusual that something similar happened this time around. In fact, Inquirer reporters had a tough time tracking down any registered Republicans in these areas.

To be clear, these districts make up a small subset of all of Philadelphia. The 59 that went 100 percent for Obama in 2012 constitute 19,605 votes, just 3 percent of the total votes cast in the city.

Anyway, this brings us to Ryan Godfrey, an alleged election inspector who took issue with Hannity’s questioning of the 2012 results and offered a 24-point explainer on why he was wrong:

Case closed?