The only thing worse than being lectured to by liberals on guns is being lectured to by celebrity liberals on guns.

Here’s the latest from award-winning singer John Legend:

Legend’s supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen, then jumped in with some mocking of AR-15 of owners:

She responded to a question on her sarcastic post with even more mockery, because no one in Hollywood ever buys more of one thing. That’s why famous people only have one car, one house, etc.:

She didn’t get the point:

The fake fight continued:

And as you might have guessed, the two were actually sitting next to each other the whole time:

And would you believe these two are hypocrites? It’s easy to say you don’t need an AR-15 when you have a violent bodyguard on your payroll. From Entertainment Weekly:

And while many of these fellows sport an impressive girth, they know to keep their fists in check. Diplomacy and restraint are musts, and the best rely on a form of verbal judo. ”Nobody wants to be in an altercation,” says Hassan Smith, who works for John Legend. ”But sometimes it gets to the point where, ‘Alright now, I can’t let that much disrespect stand.”’ Smith, a smooth giant swathed in Gucci and Ermenegildo Zegna, bears an impressive skull scar from his days working with Ja Rule at the height of his fame. They were in a Las Vegas club in 2002 when some jerk swiped a bottle of champagne from Ja Rule’s table. ”So I approached him like, ‘You’re being disrespectful now.’ But he’s popping, he’s not bowing down. So I punch him in his face, and I jump on him and I’m beating his ass.” The jerk’s buddy blindsided Smith with a bottle to the back of his head. ”They got the ass-whipping of their lives.”