Earlier this week we told you that former Texas Governor Rick Perry, going all-in on supporting Donald Trump, headlined a fundraising conference-call for the pro-Trump Great America super PAC.

Well, hopefully Gov. Perry’s star-power was able to help them raise some cash because they need it. As of the end of April, the PAC only had $65,000 on hand with $300,000 of debt:

From the FEC:


$250,000 of the debt is payable to William Doddrigde, founder of the PAC and CEO of The Jewelry Exchange. The other $50,000 loan is payable to Eric Beach, the PAC’s finance director.

The PAC had told the New York Times that they raised $1.6 million to date and had no debt, so there’s a slight disconnect here:

From the Times:

Jesse Benton, a former official for the group who now works on a volunteer basis, said that on Friday its filings with the Federal Election Commission would show $1.66 million raised over all, and no debt. Another recently formed super PAC, the Committee for American Sovereignty, featured donors such as Nick Loeb, a former backer of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

We don’t know how much the PAC raised in May, but it has authorized a “$200k independent expenditure”:

For comparison purposes, Priorities USA, a pro-Hillary super PAC, has $47 million on hand:

In other words, $47,000,000 to “zilch”:

We’re still waiting on Trump’s FEC filing and we’ll update as soon as we know more:



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