There’s some news out of New Jersey to report as Judge Thomas L. Ambro of the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the names of the “unindicted co-conspirators” related to Gov. Chris Christie’s #Bridgegate scandal will stay private, at least for now:

There’s some speculation that one of the names is an “elected or public official or public employee,” which could prove embarrassing to Gov. Christie (especially if it’s him!):

Judge Susan Wigenton had ruled last week in a case brought by a group of media organizations, including WNYC, that the public’s First Amendment right to understand how government works outweighs Doe’s privacy interest. Wigenton strongly hinted in her ruling that Doe is an elected or public official or public employee, and wasn’t entitled to the same rights to have his name kept secret as a private individual.

The “Conspirators Letter” includes all for whom, according to federal prosecutors, “sufficient evidence exists” that they joined the conspiracy to shut down the bridge lanes. It’s distinct from a list of those who knew about the conspiracy, but did nothing to aid and abet it.

When the Third Circuit takes up the appeal in June, Donald Trump’s sister — Judge Maryanne Trump Barry — may be on the panel that hears the case. This is a potential conflict of interest as Christie now has an official title with the Trump campaign:

And apparently it was Barry who introduced Christie to The Donald:

Another potential judge is the ex-wife of the former head of the DNC, Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania:

Are there any judges that can hear the appeal without a conflict of interest?

We’ll know more in late May:





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