CNN’s Jake Tapper is reporting this morning that Ted Cruz blames Marco Rubio’s refusal to create a unity ticket and run as the V.P. for why Cruz wasn’t able to win the nomination against Donald Trump.

According to polling allegedly done by the Cruz campaign, a Cruz/Rubio ticket would’ve been a “blowout.” From CNN:

The Cruz campaign polled in three March 15 primary states, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina — though not in Ohio, home to Kasich, or in Florida.

They also tested the matchup in a poll in Arizona, which would hold its contest on March 22, and in Wisconsin, which would hold its primary on April 5.

What did polls suggest a Cruz-Rubio ticket would do in those states?

“Blowout,” said a source close to Cruz. “65%-35%,” with Trump losing.

Through friends and emissaries, the Cruz campaign tried to get Rubio on board.
But Cruz could not reach him on the phone, and others reported back to the Cruz campaign that Rubio did not seem interested in having a discussion about this at all.

Carly Fiorina couldn’t be reached for comment we gather:

Keep in mind, at that time Cruz and Rubio weren’t exactly pals:

Everyone is to blame except Ted Cruz, right?

Exactly. Ted Cruz needs to start taking some responsibility for what went down. Remember this?




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