For tonight’s installment of late-night tweeting from Donald Trump, we have a retweet claiming that Reince Priebus has received 1,000,000 of these postcards allegedly from registered voters who say they “will only vote for Donald Trump”:

Oh really?

In reality, this is a group called USA For Trump 2016 that’s in the process of raising money through GoFundMe to send out the postcards. The deal is for every dollar they raise, they’ll send one postcard. As postcards only cost 35 cents to mail, what are they doing with the other 65 cents?

As of the writing of this post, the group has raised $1930:

And it looks like they haven’t sent out a single postcard yet:

@USAforTrump2016 did thank Trump for the retweet, even though they are 1,000,000 postcards short of their goal: