For the it makes no sense file, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly had a pretty good interview with Donald Trump campaign adviser Stephen Miller last night where Miller talked up Senator Jeff Sessions as the chair of Trump’s foreign policy team:

What’s interesting is that team Trump chose Megyn Kelly’s show to, according to the campaign, break this big news. From Breitbart:

“The news that I’m here to tell you about tonight,” Miller said on The Kelly File, “is that Senator Sessions is the Chairman of his Foreign Policy Committee. And that’s a major piece of news, I mean, who’s Sen. Ted Cruz’s guy? Who’s John Kasich’s guy?”

For first time, Miller detailed the effort Sessions has poured into this new role. “Jeff Sessions has been meeting for hours now putting together a team of foreign policy advisers, military experts, [and] intelligence experts,” Miller said. “I had a chance to speak to Sen. Sessions today and his military advisers for about half an hour before coming here and we discussed some robust foreign policy ideas.”

Miller informed viewers that Trump has “sat down with Senator Jeff Sessions and has spoken about these [foreign policy] issues at length.”

Full transcript of Miller’s appearance here.

But the rather positive appearance Miller had with Kelly didn’t stop Trump from attacking her again this morning because she also had Ted Cruz on her show last night:

And Trump complained that Kelly focuses too much on him:

She’s “crazy,” “overrated” and it’s a “bad show” that team Trump uses to reach conservatives when the need arises. Why doesn’t Fox News call him out on this?



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